Geospatial Job Seeker Resources

EBook: International Career Guide

A career guide for international geospatial professionals looking for employment in Canada in GIS, remote sensing, surveying, geodesy, and geomatics engineering. In addition, you will receive enhanced resume and cover letter template that you can use.

The Guide Includes:

  • The Canadian geomatics & Geospatial jobs report
  • Introduction to Canada: Culture, regions, employment
  • Geospatial Employment strategies for Canada
  • The “geo” resume
  • The “geo” cover letter
  • A guide to Canadian staffing agencies
  • Effective communication strategies
  • A guide to geospatial interviews
  • Social media and online networking
  • Networking in person
  • Licensing and certification for geomatics
  • Education and Canadian geospatial programs
  • Canadian geomatics & geospatial associations
  • Canadian geomatics & geospatial companies
  • Immigration resources

$ 36 USD

Geospatial Resume and Cover Letter Templates

The GoGeomatics Resume and Cover Letter Kit is your aid to a stress-free job search. Whether you are a remote sensing, cartography or GIS professional, you can use our industry recommended templates to craft the cover letter and resume that will secure you an interview for your dream job.

Your career is in your hands and the results you get out of your job search will depend directly on the work you put in. Competition in the geomatics industry is fierce: most GIS job postings receive hundreds of resumes. This kit will give you a head start in the job race!

The templates provided in this guide are the result of years of experience from Jonathan Murphy, GIS Specialist and Managing Director of GoGeomatics and Canada’s only geomatics career coach.

$ 40 USD