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Jonathan Murphy

Geospatial Career Coach

Jonathan Murphy is a geospatial career coach and mentor.  He has worked across Canada and around the world as a GIS specialist, geomatics manager, and marketing consultant.  He has been coaching graduates, professionals, and senior members of the geospatial industry for over ten years.

Jonathan is an alumnus the University of Calgary and of the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) and holds post graduate diplomas in GIS and Applied Geomatics Research. Over the course of his career he has worked in the oil and gas sector, the renewable energy sector, government sectors, NGOs, and organisations like the United Nations.  Jonathan has the distinction of being the first Web Manager of the British Museum in London.

Jon provides expert advice to job seekers and is the Founder and Managing Director of GoGeomatics Canada, the most popular communications hub for the Canadian geomatics sector in the world. He has also created Canada’s largest network of geomatics students and professionals. All of his work has shared one goal. That of strengthening and empowering the Canadian geospatial community. Through his wide network of industry contacts and expertise in human resources and job trends, he provides effective staffing solutions for geomatics companies and career seminars for job seekers. He has volunteered as a geography teacher for at-risk youth, and was made a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 2013.

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My Geospatial Career

The path that I took to become a geomatics manager and a GIS specialist was not a direct one.  Like many I too have been fascinated by maps, culture, and history. When I started by career I was an archaeologist.  With a newly minted degree I worked in the Caribbean and Europe for organizations like the Museums Association of the Caribbean, the British school at Rome, and the British Museum.  Invariably my work has involved  Throughout my work maps and analysis were was fascinated by maps history and culture. is Sed iaculis dapibus tellus eget condimentum. Curabitur ut tellus congue, convallis tortor et, pellentesque diam. Nullam non dolor eu ligula u

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